Map Viewer for Redline 0.2.4 Release Notes

Screen shot of Map Viewer for Redline 0.2.4

This release adds several display enhancements.

Changes since 0.2.3:

  • More accurate display of road profiles.
  • The “minTrack” and “maxTrack” lines are shown. These define the area that the AI considers to be drivable road.
  • Control points for the AI racing line are now shown as yellow dots.
  • Adjusted display colours.

Changes since 0.2:

  • Now works on Intel Macs.

Changes since 0.1:

  • The width and profile of the road is now shown.
  • The grid can be shown in miles and kilometres. By default, the setting is based on Redline’s preferences.
  • Added “Open Built-in Maps” menu item.
  • Numerous internal changes.
  • Several small user interface tweaks. Logo