Map Viewer for Redline 0.2 Release Notes

Screen shot of Map Viewer for Redline 0.2

This release is intended to help track down a bug which appears to be specific to Intel-based maps. However, it also offers significant graphical improvements. A new release with additional rendering improvements is expected within a few days.

Changes since 0.1:

  • The width and profile of the road is now shown.
  • The grid can be shown in miles and kilometres. By default, the setting is based on Redline’s preferences.
  • Added “Open Built-in Maps” menu item.
  • Numerous internal changes.
  • Several small user interface tweaks.

If attempting to open maps consistently produces an error message claiming that “The road file is too small to contain as many segments as it claims to,” you can assist in the debugging effort by doing the following:

  • Quit Map Viewer, if it is running.
  • Open Terminal (inside the Utilities folder in the Applications folder, and entering the following command:
    defaults write instrumentRoadLoading 1
  • Open Console (also in the Utilities folder), and selecting “console.log” from the “Open Quickly” submenu of the “File” menu, followed by “Clear Display” from the “Edit” menu.
  • Run Map Viewer, and try to open a few different maps.
  • For each map, a line similar to this should appear in the “console.log” window in “Console”:
    -[RLRoad initWithData:error:]: Road segment count: 319 [$00 00 01 3F], data size: 14040, max count: 319
  • Please copy these lines and e-mail them to Logo